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Ease your life with Fuji Escalator Solutions

Fuji Turkey, one of the leading escalators and elevators companies in the world, has recently implemented the commercial breakthrough project in Africa and the United Arab Emirates, not being indifferent to the sectoral developments in Africa and Arabia geography. The firm is interested in moves such as public projects, private enterprises in African and Arab countries. In this context, Fuji Turkey is ready ever to engage in all kinds of commercial operations, including government tenders.

We make everything easier with our Escalator Projects.

Escalator systems are unique tools in all aspects of human transport. Among the advantages of escalators, we can count its space occupation, passenger safety, the simultaneous and uninterrupted service to large masses, time-saving activity and aesthetics.



Fuji Moving Walkways offer and provide maximum safety,

reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The Walkways provide the opportunity to lift to [...]

Metro Corner Avm / Sancaktepe – İstanbul

Asansör ve Yürüyen Merdiven anlaşması sağlanmıştır.

38.Yapı Fuarı 2015
Fuji HD Asansör AŞ olarak Fuarda Standimizi ziyaret eden dostlarimiza ve ayrıca fuara gelemeyen fakat başarı dileklerini belirten tüm meslektaşlarımıza Teşekkür ederiz.
We would like to thank to all our Colleagues Who has visited our TURKEYBUILD fair stand as well as Who has wished for our success


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