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New Generation Escalators

FUJI Escalators produced by JAPANESE high technology offers you the Highest Performance, Top Quality and Integrated Technology Advantage with user comfort and convenience.

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Up to 8 m / sec high speed FUJI elevators can provide you the Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving Design Concept while you can enjoy using a New Generation, safe and comfortable Elevator transportation Technology with the top Quality.

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FUJI Moving Walkways are produced in International Standards with High Quality Components and Materials and by using Next Generation Technology of Design Implementation. FUJI Moving Walkways always gives you High Structural Quality, a Fascinating Style and Design with Full Compliance in Modern Environment of our world.

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[featured_icon_box title=”Yüksek Teknoloji” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart-o”]As a specialized manufacturer of migration systems including elevators and escalators, we are mastering our skills in research, development, production and field engineering by adapting latest technology  to our manufacturing which leads us to high quality and performance, and let us take all possible measures to sustain and maintain the functions thereof.[/featured_icon_box]
[featured_icon_box title=”Kalite” icon=”fa fa-road”]With our global perspective, FUJI Turkey is a strong reliable supporter for it’s customers by integrating R&D with manufacturing, sales and services and which keeps us providing the best solutions and devoting ourselves to the technology research and innovation for achieving the top quality worldwide.[/featured_icon_box]
[featured_icon_box title=”Çevre Dostu” icon=”fa fa-flag-checkered”]FUJI Eco-Friendly elevators, as a leader in Japanese elevator industry contributes to the protection of the environment and nature with easy maintenance and low energy consumption features.[/featured_icon_box]
[featured_icon_box title=”Güvenlik” icon=”fa fa-dashboard”]As FUJI Turkey we share one common goal which is to create a better world and an environment by ensuring the good health and safety of our employees as well as our business and solution partners. Our top priority is to ensure a sustainable understanding of safety in our elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.[/featured_icon_box]

GLOBAL GIANT leads the Elevator & Escalator Industry

AS FUJI Turkey, we hold the mission of being a powerful alternative solution with our innovative design and unparalleled quality for your possible needs of elevators, escalators and moving walkways and we continue to carry you with our state of the art, fast, safe and comfortable products in modern horizontal-vertical transportation. Fuji Turkey is a global value and has been one of the world’s leading companies in elevator and escalator industry, succeeded in carrying its’ brand equity to the highest level with different projects that have been completed in recent years, and earned the trust and appreciation of various companies, organizations and institutions that have been cooperated so far. As the representative of the superior and expert Japanese technology, we offer the products of the future to fully meet the demands of our customers and solution partners in everything we do and every step we take, on behalf of contributing to create responsible and sustainable communities. Having the vision of becoming the first choice of customers by its’ people-oriented approach and the awareness of social responsibility, Fuji Turkey has always managed to be one step ahead of its’ competitors with creative and innovative solutions.

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